Are you a talker or a walker?

No, the rhyming in the title wasn’t on purpose. Although I am glad it did.

People on a general scale are divided into 2.5 halves- some are talkers, some are walkers and few- are both. Over the past few years, I’ve come across and spoken to both styles- and rarely- the third half- the Twalkers (a word i just made up because that’s the fun bit about writing your own articles)

Here’s what I’ve picked up:

1. Talkers 🗣️:

Talkers are basically- as the word states- people who love to talk AND are good at it. These kind of people can talk about anything even if it’s not their field of expertise. As a result, they’re able to latch on to the latest trend (the latest so far: office and people culture) and put their spin on it- even though they’re not really practising it.

I’ve worked/ interned in places where I’ve encountered both types. The ones who were predominantly talkers, were also the ones who were entertaining, easy to get along with, quick to want to start something new and also needed to be the centre of attention constantly. I remember during a feedback session, telling one of my co-workers gently that maybe if he could start walking the talk, that would be an improvement (I was specifically asked for feedback, this didn’t come voluntarily)

Talkers are required from a business angle. There is no doubt about that. However, the trick comes in with balancing the art of GTD and just sprouting words for attention. And very few talkers get that right.

2. Walkers 🚶:

Walkers are basically people who actually get the stuff done. They know what has to be done, how to do it, go ahead with it and come out with something tangible/non-tangible.

These people can be considered as the “filling”. They give structure and results.

The drawback to only being a walker is the tendency to lose sight of the bigger picture and zoom out. As a result, they tend to get easily manipulated and can lose control.

3. Twalkers 👁️‍🗨️:

These are by far, the perfect “mixed breed” of people. They talk and then they walk the talk.

Being a twalker is a much MUCH slower process but it’s also the one that’s the most genuine and substantial. A twalker basically knows what she/he’s doing while at the same time, talking about it.

To conclude, being either one type is fine as long as you know how to balance and get closer to being a “Twalker”.